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2. MAKE YOUR OWN RULES- If you don’t want to follow the rules above, that’s okay. At this point, creating your own rules is allowed. Find out what budget scheme works for you and stick to it, but no matter what you do, do not ignore savings and investments.

You can create a quick budgeting checklist:

· Calculate your expenses and refer to your bank statements to make sure you’re jotting everything down. Mortgage or rent expenses are very easy to remember, but we live in the age of subscriptions, where those streaming or gym expenses may filter through unnoticed.

· Determine your post-tax income. Once you know how much you spend, determine your net monthly income after taxes. Now that is how much you truly earn.

· Set your payoff & savings goals. Once you have all these numbers down, you can decide where your money will go each month and what disposable income you can make use of.

· Keep track of your expenses. It is very important to do this. Save all your cash payment receipts and compile them with your card statements at the end of the month and see if you’re overspending in certain areas or if you have a few extra cash to save. If the latter is the case, save it.