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Top 7 Destinations For your Christmas Shopping: All You Need To Know

Lagos is often referred to as a city that never sleeps, and this is down to its numerous ever-buzzing markets in several pockets of the state. Lagos remains the land of opportunity and the commercial center of Nigeria. Lagos is a vibrant city with a lot to see and do.

With citizens from different parts of Nigeria all plying in Lagos, you will always find that there is a lot of hustling and bustling in the city, day and night. From the constant noise of moving cars, trucks, buses, and bikes to the loud and usually vulgar touts and bus drivers. Market vendors calling out to potential customers, bustling streets pulsating with life, shoppers in Lagos all day long, and of course, the fabled Lagos Traffic.

With the festive seasons approaching Lagos remains the idle location to get whatever it is you desire. Perhaps this is your 1st visit to Lagos or you don’t shop much and want to learn about a great store to visit in Lagos. For you, this article is appropriate.

In the city, there are many interesting places to shop. from well-known open markets to clothing stores in Lagos. For those who enjoy shopping, there is a ton of stuff to see and do. Following are Lagos’s top 6 shopping destinations:


Ikeja houses several mini-markets but known is as popular as Computer village on Awolowo Way. Even though you will find all types of phones, computers, and computer equipment here, other items are being sold in the market. In computer village, you will find a large number of people selling along the roadside, as well as phone and laptop repair desks where you can fix laptops or phones.

Lagos shopping in locations like this can be very interesting. Keep in mind that this is one of the places where people get conned, so be on the lookout for shady characters. Pickpockets and other types of theft are problems that are now part of everyday life.

This is why you should be prepared to keep your bags, purses, and wallets close when visiting this computer village.

Lagos-Island Balogun Market

Balogun Market is a significant shopping destination to buy a variety of items, but it is well known as an “Asoebi market” where you can get clothing materials of all sorts. However, there are other areas of this constantly active market. The majority of people who import goods and resell them arrive at the market in the early hours of the morning.

Balogun market navigation can be quite hectic. It is the biggest street market in the Western part of Africa and attracts both buyers and sellers in large numbers. Many banks can be found within and around the market to simplify financial transactions.

Balogun market is one of the best options if you’re looking for a marketplace that provides variety. It is best to go to the market early in the day before it becomes too crowded. In this market, goods are offered for the lowest possible prices.

Abule Egba

The Katangua market is also referred to as a “supermarketā€ or “market for all.” This is one of the marketplaces in Lagos in which you can find inexpensive goods, primarily gently worn clothing.  If you are in search of a place where clothing items are sold at relatively cheap prices, then this is the place for you. A variety of items like shoes, bags, and other materials are also on sale here.

Ojota Chemical Plaza

Donā€™t let the name fool you, all manner of items are sold here and you will surely find what you need to light up your Christmas. Here you will find clothing items, accessories, shoes, bags, and the predominant chemicals used in the production of different kinds of goods (e.g. chemicals for soap making, tie, and dye, lab experiments, etc.). The Ojota chemical plaza is also an ideal location to own a shop as rental income ranges between N900,000 to N1,500,000 depending on the size of the shop.

Ikorodu Road(Mile 12)

The Mile 12 market in Lagos has developed a solid reputation for offering people there perishable and inexpensive food items. For over 30 years, the market has provided goods and services to residents of the city and the surrounding area. Within Ketu Local Government, there is a market called Mile 12.

Food items of all varieties, from food to fruits, are available. such as tomatoes, pepper, onions, yam, yam flour, vegetable oils, and palm oils, among many other edible foods. In addition to finding hawkers outside the market, this market offers significant savings when purchasing in bulk.

Yaba (Tejuosho Market)

Due to the popularity of its main market, which is situated between Yaba and Ojuelegba, Tejuosho has grown over time. A traditional market where goods are discounted is the Tejuosho market. Tejuosho is therefore entirely a commercial area.

The Tejuosho market is where you can find clothing, weaves, sports equipment, and beauty products. It thrives because it attracts so many buyers and sellers each day. The neighborhood is constantly busy, and many people appear to be traveling to or from somewhere. Tejuosho emerged from the ashes following a significant fire outbreak in 2007 to the delight of all, reclaiming its pride of place as an icon in Lagos.

In conclusion, any of these locations will be ideal for your Christmas shopping. Do well to visit the one that matches your pocket and needs.

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