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Most individuals focus on purchasing and selling houses when it comes to real estate. Property Management, however, is a vital component that is frequently ignored. The unsung real estate hero is property management. Everything is held together by it like glue, making sure everything functions as it should.  Daily operations such as maintenance, tenant interactions, rent collecting, and bookkeeping are included.

The operation, supervision, and control of real estate properties is referred to as property management. It entails overseeing regular operations and maintenance of assets, such as rental properties, commercial structures, and residential houses. Property managers are in charge of upkeep, locating and fixing maintenance problems, recruiting renters, collecting rent, resolving tenant conflicts, and enforcing leases. The basic objective of property management is to keep the property’s value high while increasing its profitability.

An essential component of the real estate sector is real estate property management. It involves keeping an eye on and managing real estate assets, whether they are residential or commercial. Maintaining a positive working relationship with customers, suppliers, and contractors is essential to property management. Property management businesses make ensuring the building is occupied, appealing, and up to code. Property managers should be aggressive in marketing the apartments they are overseeing and making sure the buildings are kept in good condition to draw in new renters. Real estate property management includes managing the financial element of the property as well as the physical component of the property. Rent collection, tax and bill payment, setting aside money for improvements and repairs, and keeping financial records all fall under this category.


Property management plays a crucial role in the success of real estate investments. It is responsible for maintaining the property, ensuring its profitability, and protecting its value. Here are 4 ways that property management is important for real estate:

1. Maintenance and Repairs: Property management is responsible for ensuring that the property is well-maintained. This includes conducting regular inspections, repairing any damages, and maintaining the landscaping.

2. Tenant Relations: Property management is responsible for attracting and retaining tenants. This involves advertising the property, screening tenants, and dealing with tenant complaints.

3.  Timely Collection of Payment: Property management is responsible for collecting payment and ensuring that it is paid on time. This involves setting up lease agreements and enforcing lease terms.

4. Financial Management: Property management is responsible for managing the finances of the property. This involves preparing budgets, handling expenses, and keeping track of income and expenses.

5. Legal Compliance: There are many laws and regulations that property owners must comply with. Property management is responsible for ensuring that the property owner complies with all legal requirements. This involves registering the property, obtaining necessary permits, and complying with zoning regulations.

Overall, property management is essential for the success of real estate investments. It ensures that the property is well-maintained, attracts and retains tenants, collects rent, manages finances, and complies with legal requirements.


Using a property management service can be a huge advantage to property owners, especially those who have several properties or those that do not reside close to their properties. One of the biggest advantages of using property management services is the time it saves property owners. Property management services also help property owners in collection of rent in properties bought for the purpose of return on investment (ROI).  For instance, take FLAT 22 our property located at Bank Anthony Way, Ikeja. Customers who purchased it but do not want to physically supervise short-term rentals can rely on our service to manage the property and provide them with returns either monthly or annually, depending on the specifics of the case.

In conclusion, real estate property management is a challenging but rewarding. Property managers play a crucial role in ensuring that both landlords and tenants are satisfied and happy with their property. They are responsible for managing the property, taking care of all aspects of the rental process, and ensuring that the property remains viable and profitable.

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