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Short let Apartments: All you need to Know in 2023

Finding possibilities long before the rest of the world does is one of the fundamental tenets of growing wealth and building your portfolio. Shortlet flats are still a very lucrative real estate investment strategy.

Many investors in Nigeria are beginning to take advantage of ShortLets, as the prices for hotel lodgings increases, despite the sub-standard condition of most of them. Shortlets have steadily grown in popularity in Nigeria over the past several years as investors in real estate have become more aware of the undeniable value and profit, they provide in the short and long term.

What are the attributes of a Shortlet apartment?

Any rental agreement for a home for a brief time is referred to as a short let. Similar to what the name suggests, it is often released for a brief time frame that might span weeks to several months. It may consist of bungalows, duplexes, self-contained rooms, two- or three-bedroom apartments, or even self-contained rooms.

Benefits of Buying Short-Term Rentals

Both the owner and the individual renting the flat or property can benefit from short lets in several ways.


Short lets typically come furnished and provide you with a home-away-from-home experience. You are given more freedom and the chance to be able to cook for yourself and do other things that you could have done at home. Tenants do not need to bother about packing or unpacking because the home already has the majority of what they need to live comfortably in the unit. Additionally, it offers a more cost-effective option when compared to booking a hotel room.

The expense of staying in a hotel for several days or even weeks would be significantly reduced if business travelers, contract workers, and people visiting relatives or friends in another location for a brief period, took advantage of shortlets. Families could make the most of shortlets if they are also house renovators or are seeking to rent or purchase the property. ShortLets provide the advantage of seclusion along with the freedom to amuse your visitors without becoming overbearing.


Shortlets give property owners unlimited financial potential. There is a consistent demand for it since there will always be business people who need a place to stay whenever they are away from their homes that is both reasonable and comfortable.

When a landlord is away from their home for an extended time, shortlets allow them the chance to have a backup source of revenue. They can temporarily rent out their apartment and make more money from it while they are away.

There are various venues where you can advertise your ShortLets to attract customers. Shortlets offer flexibility because the owner can choose how long he wishes the renters to live there. For those who want to use their property as a source of additional income, starting a shortlet business is a wise investment. It is a real estate investment plan that enables you to earn massive profits by investing in a real estate property, developing it, and letting it out for short periods. A perfect example of a shortlet apartment is Amani Residence. Strategically located in Adeniyi jones, Amani Residence is a destination where business meets luxury.

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