We serve the middle-income market. We provide you with quality, functional, luxurious homes thirty minutes from where you work, and the places you love to go. We build an all-encompassing living experience for you, where you would love to live in and grow your family and network.

Beyond the provision of the best of homes, we provide the most flexible homeowner financing structure in the market today, from outright payment to extended payment, spanning two years to a long-term mortgage of up to fifteen years.

Our financing structure allows the customers we serve to acquire their homes with ease. Book a discussion with our home solution advisor today, CLICK HERE


Real estate is one of the safest investments in emerging economies, it has demonstrated resilience over the years and will continue to be a major store of value. Beyond value preservation, real estate, when professionally curated provides capital appreciation.

At Casafina Development, we offer our customers the opportunity to invest in well-curated land holdings across several locations, we identify the potential location that we adjudge will provide capital growth, we develop the infrastructure to accelerate growth then make this investment available to investors.

With combined years of experience spanning decades, we ensure all known risks that might impact the value of customers are mitigated. Our land banking solution will be relevant to your portfolio, whether as a corporate organization or an individual. Speak with an investment advisor today, CLICK HERE


Real estate-related assets are viable investment instruments, we provide a range of investment options for high-net-worth individuals via our private equity real estate investment platform. These investments range from medium to long-term fixed-income instruments, structured as debt or equity investment in commercial real estate.

Our investments are offered via our platform.

We are committed to long-term sustainable value creation across all our investment products, from speculative Greenfield land-related investment to brownfield asset acquisition, we provide all real estate investment options you will require.

Are you interested in having us work with you to build a sustainable real estate portfolio? Click here to speak with one of our investment advisors. CLICK HERE


We provide instant mortgage across all our development for qualifying customers whether as a primary residence or as buy to let assets. Our mortgage scheme is fully digital and seamless. At the moment, we provide mortgage finance exclusively for pre-vetted properties and development in the off-plan phase.

The construction period allows prospective homeowners to build up equity contribution and be involved in the construction period.

All properties financeable under the scheme are listed and available with our portal or directly on platform. Speak with a mortgage advisor today, CLICK HERE.

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