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The city of Lagos is an economic powerhouse in Nigeria, with its population of over 20 million people and vast expanses of land for development. Vedura Residence is located around the proposed New Lagos at Ibeju-Lekki. This location is referred to as ‘The New Lagos’ because of infrastructures and numerous ongoing estate projects. The proposed master planned city, is an excellent investment opportunity, and its benefits are worth exploring.

The city of Lagos has witnessed rapid population growth in the last decade, which has stretched the city’s infrastructure capacities. Thus, New Lagos will provide new opportunities for business expansion and create an environment for innovative urban planning. Over time, this will expand the existing informal market and provide employment opportunities for the massive workforce in Lagos. A disciplined and structured urban environment will provide better access to essential services like healthcare, education, and security.

Buying a property in the New Lagos (Ibeju-Lekki) is an excellent real estate investment opportunity. The property market in Lagos has shown steady growth, and New Lagos is poised to build on that. Most developers have building plans around the location with designs that promises high-end shopping centers, and well-designed housing complexes. The plan also includes environmentally-friendly and sustainable design concepts, making it an attractive investment destination. This investment is available for investors, and this presents a golden opportunity to buy into some of the most developed parts of Lagos, Including the provision of facilities for manufacturing and other types of industrial activities, giving investors an opportunity to increase their portfolios.

This will generate enormous financial benefits for the Nigerian government through tax revenues for the government. As foreign investors inject capital into the new city, there will be more job opportunities, and new businesses and companies will emerge. The Nigerian government’s revenue will increase through taxes as the city grows and thrives. Investors can also have a sense of belonging to something greater than themselves because to this possibility. It is a modern version of Lagos designed for present and future realities. It is a metropolis of the future, incorporating cutting-edge technology and smart architecture. It promises to be environmentally friendly, economically viable, and appealing to both young people and enterprises around the world.

Vedura Residence, is available for a fantastic price which is all-inclusive. You would want to take advantage of this chance to make an excellent investment. It is the perfect landed property for you and your family located in Lekki Costa City,  Bogije Ibeju-Lekki. It offers 450 plots of 30 acres of land. This luxurious residential estate offers a wide array of features and amenities designed to provide our residents with luxurious living experience.  It includes a swimming pool, Fibre optic network, recreational center, spa and wellness lounge. Residents will have access to all the features that makes it a sought-after residential area in Lagos State. Enjoy a life filled with comfort and convenience within this beautiful community. Come be a part of Vedura Residence and experience an elevated lifestyle. With Vedura Residence, you can be sure that you’re getting excellent value for your money. For further inquiries send a mail

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