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Benefits Of Short-Let Apartments in Lagos, Nigeria

In Nigeria, Short let Apartments might not be all that well known. However, more people are starting to show interest as a result of the venture’s many advantages. Investors can attest to its benefits and with the high cost of lodging in hotels, this seems to be the perfect time to cash in and reap massive rewards. Finding an apartment for short stay in Lagos may also be the missing ingredient to spice up your vacation.
What exactly is a short let and how does it benefit a willing investor?
A short let is a fully – equipped self-contained apartment building that is rented out for brief periodsā€”from a week to a few months. These homes may be of any type, from bungalows to duplexes or studio apartments.
Few developers and even homeowners seem to be willing to participate in Nigeria, sadly, however, it is not that prevalent. Currently, there are several developments that are worthy of mention one of which is the Amani Residence at Adeniyi Jones in Lagos.
Apart from the lack of awareness of the many advantages of short lets apartments, some may also be afraid of improper use or in some cases theft.
That being said, the advantages of short-let apartments are undeniable both to a homeowner/developer/investor and a willing tenant. Itemized below are some of the major benefits of short-let apartments:

Five Benefits Of Short-let Apartments

1. Short-Let rentals ensure both owners and tenants make money:

People frequently take lengthy vacations and leave their homes empty while doing so. Due to this, properties in affluent areas of Lagos and Abuja are vacant. These vacant apartments do not benefit you in any way and remain unoccupied. A temporary source of income could be created by renting out the building, and you would contribute very little to it.
Instead of spending money on a hotel room where all they get is a fridge and a kettle, tenants would prefer to rent a house for a week or two with all the comforts of home. Compared to hotels, short-lets are less expensive.

2. For stress-free business travel:

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic, traveling is not as safe as it once was. Travelers are now less confident and hesitant to use public areas that they perceive as dangerous.
Typically, when traveling for pleasure or business, people need space and want to feel at home. Whether traveling for work or pleasure, everyone desires the comforts of home. Since fewer people use it and it receives better care when the homeowner returns, a short-let apartment seems to be the better choice.

3. Even with Zero Modifications, You can rent out the apartment exactly as is:

Short-term rentals are special, so the homeowner and any interested tenants must maintain an open mind and agree on a price. The property can therefore be rented out exactly as is, without the need for any additional modifications. Currently, there are a few cheap short-let apartments in Lagos and you should be able to find a 2-bedroom short-let apartment in Lekki.
Tenants do not expect it to be perfect; however, a conducive and comfortable place with all the necessary amenities is expected. In general, people just want a safe place to sleep. Sofa beds can be added to the mix if there are many guests.

4. Easy Payment Plans And Shorter Tenures:

Short-term rentals are intended to be as stress-free as possible and to give homeowners the security they require. You could hire a cleaning service to prepare the house for the new tenant. If it’s a serviced apartment, this keeps going. If not, when the tenants move out, the accommodation is cleaned once more. And while you’re away, you can ensure someone is keeping a close eye on your house.
The size, state, and location of the rental property, among other things, all affect the rent payment. Homeowners can be rest assured that they will get paid for the usage of their property within a shorter period when compared to the common annual tenure system.

5. It is a less expensive option than staying in a hotel.

Many people find that renting out a spare room or apartment to a traveler is a good option, and most of the time it is less expensive than staying in a hotel. In some cases, hotels lack useful amenities and charge fictitious fees.
The wonderful thing is that thanks to the fact that some service apartments do provide shot let services, you can experience hotel-quality service in a residential setting. Paying significantly less than a hotel while also getting the comforts of home is unquestionably a deal-breaker.

Are you an investor interested in purchasing a short-let apartment?

Or maybe you are a traveler in need of an apartment for your next vacation in Lagos?

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